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Microsoft Silverlight is a multimedia application which allows you to integrate multimedia, interactive graphics and animation into your website and is compatible with almost all the known browsers. In near future mobile devices will also be supported by Silverlight.

Silverlight uses Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) to define interfaces. XAML is XML based language which is used extensively in .NET framework 3.0 and .NET framework 4.0 technologies.

Some of its features include IIS Streaming which enables adaptive streaming of live and on-demand media via standard HTTP protocols and provides visitors a quality viewing experience regardless of their connection and limitation of their computer. Silverlight also allows developers and designers to create 3 Dimensional application. Users can rotate or scale live content in space without writing any additional code.

Silverlight also supports are variety of third party multimedia codecs. Audio and Video can be decoded outside the runtime environment and rendered in Silverlight.



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